Net Schedule

The Michigan ARES D-STAR (MIADS) Net meets at 8PM every Monday on Reflector 24 Module A (The Michigan Reflector)


QST, QST, QST calling the Michigan D-Star Training Net.

The Net control station for this evening is [ ] My name is [ ], I'm located in [ ] County.

The Michigan D-Star Net meets every Monday Evening at 8:00 PM local time on D-Star Reflector 024A.

The purpose of this net is to practice net procedures for use in emergency situations and to keep the amateur community informed of D-Star radio activities in and around the State of Michigan.

All stations and Dongles are invited to participate in tonight's net.

All amateur radio operators who have D-Star capabilities are welcome to check in.

Before we begin do we have any Emergency Traffic?

Any short time or mobile check ins?

We will now take check-ins by county with your call sign and first name.