Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group Launches X-Reflector 38

Post date: Oct 17, 2011 12:42:04 AM

Lorain County Ohio, October 16 2011: The Northern Ohio Digital Interconnect Group, NODIG, has launched the first of several planned expansions of its D-STAR system to support the X-Trust Server with X-Reflector 38. This reflector allows D-STAR users in the Buckeye State to gain access and experiment with the X-Trust as well as provides yet another tool for Ecomm communities of Ohio.

The X-Trust is an open D-STAR network were experimentation and development is encouraged. X-Reflectors are virtual rooms that allow multiple individual users, repeaters, dongle, DVAPS or hotspots to connect giving the appearance and functionality of one large system.

Multiple RF sites, hotspots, reflectors, data centers and now X-Reflectors offer the D-STAR communities of Ohio and surrounding states a foot print unmatched by any other system operating in the state above 50 MHz. It also offers the Ecomm community the ability to operate on multiple levels, be it a local power outage or state wide severe weather outbreak.

For more information on D-STAR please visit or connect to Reflector 38A.