D-Star Etiquette

Post date: Nov 23, 2009 11:36:25 AM

D-Star Etiquette

Dstar is a new communications mode that requires a little bit different way of operating.

One of the biggest is when you are ragchewing you need to wait a lot longer between transmissions. Remember that after the person you are talking to un-keys wait a little longer than you think you should to give someone else time to break in to the conversation.

Another one is when you are using APRS. If your radio is set to have the repeater 2 operating and you have the gateway programmed into it then you should not have your APRS set to automatic transmit. It will transmit while others are talking and at times comes in R2D2 their speech. You can still get your APRS signal out by keying your mic once in a while when there are no conversations on the repeater.

Stay tuned for any other things that may come up.