Michigan D-Star Net

Post date: Mar 1, 2010 12:24:59 PM

The weekly Michigan D-Star net will begin next Monday March 8th at 8PM.

Nothing is set in stone so we can finesse this as we go. Take what works and

toss what doesn't. I have put together a draft of the net procedures based

on the Livingston County ARES net. If you have your own go ahead and use it.

I think the net controller should unlink from reflector 24C and link to

reflector 24A for the purpose of the net. Why? All net controllers get

practice linking, unlinking and net control. When the net is completed the

net controller unlinks and links back to 24C.

I don't think I missed anyone who replied to the message a few months back

about being a net controller. If I did I'm sorry, just let me know and I'll

add you into the schedule. If you never replied and want to play that's fine

too I'll add you as soon as you tell me you want in.


The Michigan DSTAR Reflector ARPSC Net Control Schedule

  • March 8th 2010 8PM - W8MSP Les

  • March 15th 2010 8PM - KC8WKA Brian

  • March 22nd 2010 8PM - N8DVH Al

  • March 29th 2010 8PM - KI8AS Tom

NOTE: Changes===Switched Brian and Al due to Brian's work schedule.