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Current news is now on the Announcements page.

6/7/09 - Some pictures from Riverdaze are in the Photos page.

6/3/09 - One Giant Bounce for Mankind

Almost 40 years after the historic Apollo 11 mission, we’ll hear voices from the moon again. This time, celebrities, ham radio enthusiasts — and perhaps even you — will join the astronauts’ voices. A massive project to bounce voices from Earth to the moon and back to another spot on Earth will be launched June 26. [...]

5/25/09 - Our website has been added to the list at (Thanks to Ed WA4YIH)

5/10/09 - With the permission of the reflector owner, from Thursday May 14 through Sunday May 17, the DARA W8BI DStar repeater on 147.105+ will be continuously linked to reflector REF009C, barring any problems. If you want to use your DVDongle to link to W8BI during this period, please link to REF009C instead as it is better able to handle the demand.

We will probably link W8SHI port B to that reflector during this period.

4/5/09 - We now have our own domain, is our new URL.

4/1/09 - The DStar Calculator has been updated for the B module. (Thanks to Tom, KI8AS)

4/2/09 - Suggested by W8NDW, we now have a Guestbook. Can be used for suggestions, questions, etc. We may also use it for announcenments so check it out anytime.