W8SHI is licensed as the Shiawassee County ARES station. It is located in Owosso, Michigan.

The station trustee is N8DVH, Alan Langdon.

We have two nodes in operation:

2 Meters ("C" Node) 145.240 MHz -0.600

70 Centimeters ("B" Node) 444.300 Mhz +5

The 2 meter repeater went online August 4, 2008 and we installed the gateway on October 16.

The 70 centimeter repeater went online March 1, 2009.

The equipment consists of an ICOM ID-RP2000V VHF repeater, an ICOM ID-RP4000V UHF repeater, an ICOM ID-RP2C controller and a 35 Amp. power supply. The antenna is a Super Stationmaster at 90 feet fed with Andrews 1/2 inch hard line.

The W8SHI Module C Repeater (145.240 MHz) is usually linked to Reflector 24 Module C except for the net when it is linked to module A. The Module B Repeater (444.300 MHz) is currently linked to Reflector 24 B which is being used by the Indiana DSTAR group. Users such as mobile stations traveling through the area may unlink a repeater if it is not in use and relink it to another reflector. When the repeater is unlinked it will be automatically re-linked to the original reflector module.Linking/Unlinking commands are here.

For help programming your radio click here.

You can talk through the repeater without registering but you will need to register in order to access certain functions of the gateway such as source or callsign routing, repeater linking and using the DVDongle . You only have to register once so if you have already registered on another system do not register here.

Use this link to access the registration page.