DVDongle Info


If you don't see the 'New hardware wizard' when you plug the DV Dongle in:

Go to www.ftdichip.com, click on Drivers, and download the VCP drivers for Windows. Once you install the drivers, plug in the device.

1 Jan 2012:The fifth beta version of DVTool is now available.

Info here

7/17/09: Install DV Tool on the desktop as instructed on the DV Dongle Website. If you place it into a "Program Files" folder it will not be recognized it as being safe and will not work correctly.

3/26/09: If you are using the Java version make sure you have the latest Java version. To get it go to java.sun.com and click on "Java SE" under "Popular Downloads".

If it looks like the DV Dongle is not showing up as a com port, try this:

1) Download

http://www.ftdichip.com/Resources/Utilities/FTClean.zip and run the included program. That will clean out any FTDI drivers you have on your PC.

2) Download


Get the driver for your operating system

3) plug in your DV Dongle and give it a try.

R2D2 sounds

R2D2 sounds are generated on the RF side of D-Star. If you hear them, they were created between someone's radio and their repeater. The DV Dongle cannot create them during transmit nor receive (but will repeat them if they are there). You may hear audio "drop outs" when packets are lost on the internet but that does not sound like R2D2.

73, Robin AA4RC

Version 2.0

Note: It appears that the final versions have been released at http://opendstar.org/tools/ and at http://www.dvdongle.com/DV_Dongle/Installation.html