Do I have to register with every single repeater I am going to be using on D-Star?

One registration is all you need, in fact more than one could cause problems.

By convention, you should register with the gateway nearest to you. Once you're registered, and the registration has propagated through the network, you're good to go anywhere D-STAR goes.

Who do I contact about other registry questions or problems?

Regarding W8SHI registrations: w8shi.net@gmail.com

How do I get the name of the memory channel to show up after programming my 91AD?

Press the M.N (6) button on the radio and hold for 1 second. This toggles the memory name indication on and off.

If we don't have a static IP address for our repeater, how can we keep the IP updated?

See the information here

How do you re-register when you receive a vanity call?

Just register your new call as if you were a new user. Then let the admin know that the old registration can be deleted.

How to Cross Band on DStar using a Icom 2820 and a Digital Handheld?

This was posted on here: http://ve6cpk.com/wildrosenetwork/dstar-crossband.htm

First in the Digital Setting Menu make sure that Digital Monitor is set to Auto.

Any other setting will not work.

On the left side dial in the VHF repeater frequency and leave it in FM mode, not FM-N mode. On the right side dial up a UHF frequency (**NOTE this frequency must have a offset - simplex will not work) and also leave this in FM mode. Set other settings like power and squelch to what you need then put the radio into cross band mode. (Squelch settings I would set to Max, see below for comment)

How to put the radio into cross band mode:

Hold in the two main band knobs and then push and hold the function key until the radio beeps. You should then see the lock symbol flashing, this indicates you are in cross band. To get out of cross band simply push and hold the function key for a second or until the radio beeps. Now with your hand held program in the UHF offset frequency that you selected on the 2820 and put it into DV mode. Program all other parameters just like you would normally do for DSTAR. You can certainly store the info in a memory channel for quicker setup.

I had another ham do the same, we had 2 hand helds 2-2820's the repeater with no compromise at all. You really cannot tell that there is any repeating going on besides the repeater itself. Before walking away from your vehicle you can do a ECHO test to make sure that you have a good signal to the repeater and have no R2-D2. Being that DSTAR has no hang time as do most FM repeaters you can access the DSTAR repeater just as quick as the next person. I'm sure if one wanted to do this in reverse from VHF to a UHF repeater the same procedure would apply.

Squelch Settings:

I have found one issue so far and that is to make sure your squelch levels are set accordingly. If local noise were to key your radio an FM transmission would be made on the repeater input. This will not key a DStar repeater but having a signal on the input may prevent other users from working the repeater. Some more experimenting may be required to solve this issue. So far for me I have had no issues, I usually make sure my squelch settings are set at max on both sides. Volume does not matter where it is set at.


Tonight I had the 2820 all in Simplex mode and Narrow FM, Worked Well. I believe unless you are cross banded into a Repeater (and needing the RPT1 & RPT2) all simplex will work fine. I really see NO reason this can't work via any Mobile VHF/UHF that can cross-band. Now the HT I use is the IC-92AD, and it must be set for what you are doing as the IC-2820 is just passing. I have a X-Band Memory set to 445.800 - (Minus Offset to 0.000 Zero)

Mycall: CQCQCQ



But for Simplex, just the Standard CQ works fine, and no Offset needed.. Narrow FM seems to work a bit better also..

So for Simplex, No Offset anywhere

Mycall: cqcqcq

RPT1: (empty)

RPT2: (empty)


How do I make suggestions for content on the W8SHI Website?

Post to the Guestbook or send email to w8shi.net@gmail.com

How can I create a Website for my repeater or club?

We use Google Sites, sites.google.com, for this Website. If you go the Google Sites route you should start by creating a Gmail account if you don't already have one. Our google site address is quite long. To get a nicer short address like w8shi.net you have to register a domain name and link it to the google site. We purchased the domain through godaddy.com and it costs us $15 a year. Different domains like .com, .org etc. sometimes have different prices. I suggest using .net or .org because .com stands for commercial and that doesn't fit well for amateur radio. There are other places you can host websites, such as Webs.com, http://www.webs.com. Webs.com free sites have advertising on them. Premium sites have no advertising and start at about $50/year.

Are there any special Etiquette hints for DSTAR?

Yes, here are some:

1. Pause longer between transmissions.

When you are ragchewing you need to wait a lot longer between transmissions. Remember that after the person you are talking to un-keys wait a little longer than you think you should to give someone else time to break in to the conversation.

2. Don't set your APRS to automatic transmit.

When you are using APRS, if your radio is set to have the repeater 2 operating and you have the gateway programmed into it then you should not have your APRS set to automatic transmit. It will transmit while others are talking and at times comes in R2D2 their speech. You can still get your APRS signal out by keying your mic once in a while when there are no conversations on the repeater.

3. Radio Settings

Please ensure that your RPT2 value is equal to the gateway, in W8SHIs case you should set RPT2 to ‘W8SHI G’, with G in the 8th position. Otherwise you will not be heard by anyone connected to W8SHI from the gateway such as dongle users.

Stay tuned for any other things that may come up.