This is the information site for the Shiawassee County Michigan (USA)

DSTAR Amateur Radio Digital Repeater.

The W8SHI repeater is located in Owosso Michigan

DSTAR Users Info

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The W8SHI Module C Repeater (145.240 MHz) is usually linked to Reflector 24 Module C except for the net when it is linked to module A. The Module B Repeater (444.300 MHz) is currently linked to Reflector 24 D. Reflector 24 B is being used by the Indiana DSTAR group. Users such as mobile stations traveling through the area may unlink a repeater if it is not in use and relink it to another reflector. When the repeater is unlinked it will no longer be automatically re-linked to the original reflector module except until Monday for the net. 

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The Michigan ARES D-STAR Net is held at 8PM every Monday on Reflector 24 Module A (The Michigan Reflector)

The Indiana D-STAR Net is held at 8:0PM Thursdays on Reflector 24 Module B, starting July 5, 2018

The Central Ohio Net is held each Sunday at 8PM on Ref 38A

The Wisconsin Net is held Wendesdays at 1900 CDT on Ref 19B

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