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ircDDB Information

We have installed the ircDDB program on W8SHI. This means that linking and unlinking can be controlled by DTMF ("touch tone") commands as well as sending the commands in the "UR" field in your radio. These commands are:

 DTMF Command  Equivalent UR Command  Comment
 "1A" or "01A" or "001A"  XRF001AL  Link to DExtra reflector XRF001 A
 "*1C" or "*01C" or "*001C"  REF001CL  Link to D-Plus reflector REF001 C
 "D1B" or "D102" or "D0102" or "D00102"  DCS001BL  Links to DCS reflector DCS001 B
 "#"  _______U  Unlink
 "0" or "00"  _______I  Trigger a voice announcement

The underscore character is used to indicate a space character in the actual setting of the callsigns.

You can view the:

You may have to send the "Vis ON" command before your call shows up. Instructions are here


Linking Codes for Ref 24
Alpha *24A
Bravo *24B
Charlie *24C
Unlink #
Check 0
The D-Star CCS (Call Connection Service) is a newly added feature of the W8SHI ircDDB Gateway Software that allows you to call any station, anywhere in the world, by transmitting a four digit code into your D-Star radio’s DTMF keypad.
To callsign route to a particular user/repeater
K8OMS 4423 W8SHI B 45682
KI8AS 2744 W8SHI C 45683
N8DVHl 2290
W8NDW 7272

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